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Permanent Staff
Finding the ‘right’ person for your organisation is one of the biggest business decisions you need to make. We remove the time, stress and guesswork from this process, by utilising our experience and thorough testing methods, which will identify the best person for your job with the greatest degree of certainty.

The Agstaff Recruitment Process
  • We will meet with you to establish the employment needs of your business, including personality profiling to allow us to find the perfect “fit” for your business.

  • Together we sign an agreement for professional services.

  • This agreement will provide you with a guarantee for the placement of staff, there is no risk to you!

    We have a no placement, no fees guarantee.

  • We use our extensive personal, business, and company networks to narrow our applicants, we will assess and measure them, specific to your position and supply you with our short list.

  • Agstaff consultants will maintain regular contact by telephone or site visits to ensure that we continue to meet your ongoing and changing needs with our employees. We have the flexibility to adapt to short notice changes to staffing levels both increases and decreases.

  • Temporary (Contract) Staff
    We have one of the largest databases of contract staff in the country. The names on our contract database all undergo the same stringent application process as the permanent staff to ensure we place high quality employees. Our background and reference checks are on-going and thorough, for the added security of knowing that your contract employee will be trustworthy and hardworking.

    At Agstaff we are able to provide tailor made solutions to your Contract Staff and short term employment. We will take care of all ACC costs, holiday pay, sick pay, bereavement leave, statutory holidays, kiwisaver, and PAYE – with no additional charge to you.

    It is all part of making the process as stress free and uncomplicated for you as possible.

    Agstaff provide the extra service of delivering our temporary agricultural contract workers to your site, on time every day, which all part of Agstaff’s commitment to provide seamless employment solutions for our client’s.

    As the leading Agricultural recruitment company we specialise in the following industries:

  • Farm Workers (Junior, Intermediate and Senior Staff Members)

    Dairy, Arable, Mixed Cropping, Sheep and Beef, Relief Staff and Labourers.

  • Farm Services Employees

    Fencers, Shed Hands, Calf Rearing, Tailing Staff, Irrigation Installation.

  • Horticulture Staff

    Planting, Pruning , Spraying, Harvesting, Grading, and Bagging.

  • Factory Staff

    Processing and Grading Staff, Forklift Drivers, Machine Operators.

  • Drivers

    Stock Drivers, Fertiliser Drivers, Spray unit drivers, Tractor and Heavy Machinery Operators.

  • In The Field

    Specialised Rouging Gangs, Debudding teams, Grubbing Thistles.

  • Professional Service Staff

    Farm and Irrigation Consultants, Retail staff.

  • Immigration
    Through Agstaff’s partnership with our preferred immigration consultancy firm Heartland Immigration (please link to the website) we are able to source potential candidates from across the globe and ensure they meet all of the Immigration New Zealand compliance obligations for work visa’s.

    Employment Relations and Health and Safety
    Agstaff in conjunction with our preferred supplier Compliance Partners are also able to offer our clients ongoing support regarding Employment Relations, including contracts and dispute resolution. Compliance Partners also offer comprehensive Health and Safety packages tailor made for our agricultural client’s.