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Incident Near Miss Accident
I saw something that could cause
an at-work injury.
Something happened and I was
nearly injured at work.
Something happened and I was
injured at work.

When did it occur?

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Time started at work:

Where were you?

Who saw it happen?

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What type of accident was it?

Slip, Trip, Fall Chemical Hit Other

What part of your body was inured?

Head Neck Chest Abdomen
Hips/Groin Back Arm (L) Arm (R)
Leg (L) Leg (R) Hand (L) Hand (R)
Foot (L) Foot R) Ear Eye

What was the nature of your injury?

Cut Bruise Burn Sprain
Break Concussion Amputate Other

Treatment of Injury

None Doctor - Hospilization First Aid only Hospital
- If Doctor or hospitalization is required please download and take this form with you.

Did you stop work?

Yes - For how long? No

Do you have any additional comments or requests related to this accident?

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