Relocation Assistance Package

Canstaff offers free relocation assistance to migrants that fit the criteria of the “Relocation Assistance Package” (RAP)

Canstaff has gained the reputation for providing quality services, Canstaff is quick and proactive, tenacious and thorough, and is constantly seeking new approaches to ensure our services continue to meet the mark. We work as a team to meet our candidates' needs and are able to find hidden depths and latent talent through our expertise and processes.

Our service begins when our applicants make the first contact, we become a “friend” in New Zealand, to bounce ideas off, check on the legitimacy of things you are being told, and arrange things at this end to ensure a relaxed arrival.

Our network of service providers that Canstaff has put together to assist you when moving include:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Community Groups
  • Employment (In some cases Canstaff can offer a Permanent Employment Contract)
  • Education
  • Financial and Tax guides
  • Insurances
  • Property
  • Immigration (If applicable)
  • Healthcare
  • Law & Order
  • New Zealand History
  • New Zealand Politics & Government
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Canstaff Orientation Package

Any investment you make in utilising this service, will be returned to you by making your relocation easier, get you into a home quicker, settle the children and safeguard your belongings and family. The difficult issues that arise with relocation will be smoothed for you by professionals; this gets you active and productive in your new home city faster.

Canstaff has done the hard work for you by gathering the professionals that make relocating and settling-in easier. By using these services you have already started on track to building a strong network and new friends in your new home.

We will even organise your collection from the Airport to ensure you get to your short term accommodation which has been organised for you and your family.

Read through the testimonials from people we have assisted to see for yourself that Canstaff can be a trusted partner with your move to New Zealand.

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