See what some of our candidates had to say about Canstaff

Steven & Julie, United Kingdom

Canstaff helped Steven and Julie get settled in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Lucas and Simon, Switzerland

Meet Lucas & Simon, who are with us in Christchurch to help with our post-earthquake rebuild.

Russell, Scotland

Russell is a joiner/carpenter from Scotland and tells us how there is plenty of work on here in Christchurch.

Ryan, Canada

Ryan is a carpenter from Toronto who was coaxed by his partner Kate into coming to NZ, and fair enough too!

Joe, Canada

Joe is a Canadian Red Seal carpenter who has arrived in Christchurch to help us with the rebuild.

Roel, Philippines

We welcome Roel who is a carpenter from the Philippines. He has some advice for Filipinos back home…

Remy, Germany

Meet Remy who is a carpenter from Germany, he now works in New Zealand and gives us the lowdown on work and play in Christchurch.

Adam, United Kingdom

Adam is a labourer and a roofer from England, who likes the Christchurch social life and is keen to get into the next rugby season.