need skilled workers now

Apprenticeships are the way of futureproofing your career opportunities

A mini boom, an uplift, a spike are all words to describe the construction sector in New Zealand. A key reason this mini boom isn’t a fully-fledged ‘hold onto your hard hat stampede’ seems to be obvious due to border restrictions, and labour and materials currently at a premium.

However, residential demand is huge and large commercial and government projects are under pressure to remain on time and under budget. While borders are closed to offshore workers and while projects may be hindered by a lack of materials, now’s the time to get skilled in the trades before the boom really hits. When imported goods start to flow in, New Zealand will need a skilled workforce ready to pick up and run with it. Why not look for an apprenticeship to suit you?

What is an apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship is the training required to become a qualified trade professional. You learn on the job and as you earn. Apprenticeships are designed to be hands-on learning with some supporting-theory involved.

Why do an apprenticeship?
A qualification means that you have more choice in your future. You are more employable, you create more opportunities for yourself, you are skill certified in your chosen trade and you have a higher earning potential. It can also mean there is a chance of travel, with some New Zealand trades recognised abroad. Unskilled labour is usually paid approximately the minimum wage, with an apprenticeship, while you may begin on the minimum wage your income will increase as your apprenticeship progresses and you gain your qualification.

Average apprentice income NZ$ 20-27 per hour
Qualified tradesperson NZ$ 30-50 per hour

What does it cost to do an apprenticeship?
From 1 July 2020 until 31 December 2023 apprenticeships are free. Canstaff will employ you and support you with an external training mentor to suit the job you are contracted to. If there is a change with our client, we place you with another client and you can continue on with your apprenticeship.

How long does an apprenticeship take?
Depending on the skills you have when you begin, the average apprenticeship will take approximately three to four years. To complete your apprenticeship you might have to change employer to gain all the skills required for your qualification, again Canstaff can help connect you with the right employer.

What sort of apprenticeships can Canstaff help me with?
Civil Construction
Trades – Carpentry, Plumbing, and Electrical
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical and Civil Engineering
And many more….

How can I start my apprenticeship with Canstaff?
The first thing you need is a job. We can help you into a job within construction, manufacturing logistics and more, we can then help you gain your apprenticeship through a transitional industry training organisation (ITO).

Canstaff can help you into an apprenticeship and then help you gain all the skills you need to complete your apprenticeship. Contract employment means we can fit you with the right employer each stage of your progression.