While thousands of people around the country are facing joblessness, a recruiting company is calling out for workers in the primary sector, saying there were 40 jobs in South Canterbury available now.

Agstaff, Canstaff and New Zealand Dairy Careers managing director Matt Jones said the need for workers had increased as a result of implications from the Covid-19 outbreak.

“The work does not stop — it’s ramped up as some of our clients in the primary production sector increase production to meet New Zealand’s needs.

“The cows still need milked and the crops must be picked,” Jones said.

He said he had a client in South Canterbury who needed 40 people to start immediately.

“Across the sectors we service, we have hundreds of vacancies, so we’re calling out to all people who might be facing lay-offs as Covid-19 bites.”

Jones said there was work all over New Zealand and he wanted anyone who needed work to contact him.

More information on the jobs could be found on the Agstaff, Canstaff or NZ Dairy Careers websites.

“We’ve got lots of vacancies and we can get people into work — many of them immediately.”

Jones said there were more than 600 jobs available in the dairy industry at any point in time and many were filled by international workers.

“As these people may temporarily slow — we need local people who want work to come forward.

“There are many opportunities and we are in touch with hundreds of potential employers.”

Heartland Immigration said dairy farms should now move quickly to keep any migrant workers they had.

Limitations around international travel meant many scheduled arrivals of workers destined to work in dairy farms’ upcoming Gypsy Day move might not be available, Heartland Immigration managing director Mary Noonan said.

“There are a lot of people already here on work visas — the industry needs to ensure visas are renewed to keep experienced workers on our farms,” Noonan said.

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