The nature of business can be uncertain. Needs change, staffing volumes vary, you require a highly-specific skill set or tradesperson (outside of your current team) or you have staff on leave you need to cover for. When you require flexibility and want to maximise your productivity, hiring contract staff is a cost effective and risk-averse solution. Contract staff also enable you to respond quickly to market demands, test out if you need to add more permanent workers and add instant impact, with minimal input by you.

Here’s why.

Reduced risk and liability

Businesses experience ebbs and flows. With contract staff, you’re reducing the risk of having permanent employees on your payroll – as your business needs change, so too can your people – quickly. You do not hold the employment contract, so the liability for employment conditions sits with Canstaff.

Increased job security for your permanent staff

By using contract workers at peak times, you can more readily protect your permanent team year round. This gives them more confidence around job security. Confidence which should translate to more productive staff.

Increased flexibility

Get exactly who you need, when you need them. Fullstop. You have access to the right people quickly and for a short period, if that’s what you need. The number of people and time on the job can continue to change as your business needs do.

One simple invoice

Contract staff are employed by Canstaff, so we take care of all the paperwork. PAYE, Holiday Pay, Sick Leave, and general administration are all taken care of. When you hire contract staff – you only pay for the hours worked in one simple invoice – meaning you don’t have stacks of paperwork to deal with.

Lower overheads

Cost is always a major consideration and one of the major perks of contract staff that you do not require an ongoing pay packet. The overheads are also reduced – no training and induction costs, PAYE, holiday pay; these are all taken care of by Canstaff.

Health and safety focused

Health and safety is a major consideration and a huge consumer of time and resource. Should there be a workplace incident, our team partners with you to conduct and manage any appropriate investigation, lodge required reporting and follow up as needed.

We also place a major emphasis on training and health and safety knowledge/awareness before we add people into our pool of available contract staff, this includes:

  • Skill testing
  • Drug testing
  • Ministry of Justice checks
  • Understanding and evidence of relevant legislation and best practice

We provide the required PPE gear and pre-induct the people according to your specific requirements. So the moment they arrive on your worksite – they know what is expected of them.

Fast and easy access to highly-skilled staff

Often you need someone now. Canstaff can deliver this and as typically contract staff are a short-term solution, hiring for cultural fit is not as vital as ability.

Free up resource

Finally, with less time spent on the hassles of HR paperwork, your payroll and human resources team will have more time to work on the things which really make a difference.

So the next time you need more people to keep up with the demands of business, consider using contract staff. Let someone else take care of the people, so you can focus on your business.